BIT.TRIP BEAT Original Soundtrack

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This soundtrack to the universally adored and critically-acclaimed video game BIT.TRIP BEAT features rockin' chiptune-inspired tracks for all your retro-electronic musical desires.

Bookended by killer chiptune artist and guest star Bit Shifter, the BIT.TRIP BEAT soundscape marks the beginning of CommanderVideo's aural journey from the ethereal to the corporeal.

Get in the zone and ride the vibe as you embark on your own BIT.TRIP with this audio companion.

1 -    Move to Intercept (feat. Bit Shifter)
2 -    Transition
3 -    Descent
4 -    Growth
5 -    The Information Chase (feat. Bit Shifter)
6 -    Concept
7 -    Trial
8 -    Tribulation
9 -    Progress
10 -    Beginning