I didn't receive an email with the password and order confirmation. My junk folder is empty. When trying to create an account it says that my email is already in use. Password reset email not sent.

First of all, don't panic. If you made your first purchase without prior registration, you don't have to create an account. Our system has already created a basic account for you with the email you provided during checkout. If you didn't receive our password email or your ticket to our support remains unanswered, please contact us using another email address. Our support agents will provide all the necessary assistance.

Sometimes our customers who use hotmail, outlook and comcast emails face this issue when our emails can't go through. As much as we would like to fix it, we barely know the circumstances that push the above mentioned email providers block our emails. If you faced this issue, we suggest you contact your email provider and ask them to specify the reason why they keep blocking our emails and what can be done to let our emails through. If you forward their response to us we will greatly appreciate it.