Bethesda Launcher - Migration to Steam

Bethesda have decided to shut down the Bethesda Launcher and now offering an option to its users to transfer their game libraries to Steam. The migration process suggests that your game library and Wallet will be transferred to Steam, so you will not lose anything from your account. Any title you own on your Bethesda account will be available to you for free on Steam. The supported languages for all games will remain the same. Most games will also have their saves migrated, with only a few requiring manual transfers.

So, the migration process has begun and you can now transfer your Bethesda games to Steam. Bethesda is shutting down their launcher on May 11 which means you won't be able to launch games using their platform any longer but you can start transferring your games to Steam now.

You can refer to this guide to migrate your library to Steam.

Note that the Launcher closing won't affect your Bethesda account. You will still need your credentials to be able to sign in to your Bethesda account to access services like game mods, in-game items and exclusive updates.