Empress Of The Deep

  • Empress Of The Deep
  • Empress Of The Deep
  • Empress Of The Deep
  • Empress Of The Deep
  • Empress Of The Deep

Über dieses Spiel

A beautiful young woman wakes up in a vast and mysterious undersea temple complex, not knowing who or where she is. She soon learns that she has been frozen in a death-like slumber in a secret crypt for over a century. Now she must escape the crypt and explore the ancient underwater chambers to unravel the mystery. Use your Hidden Object and puzzle-solving skills to help Anna unlock the enchanted Royal Relics, reveal the terrible secrets of the Dark Empress, and piece together her own shocking identity … before its too late! Along the way she encounters strange and mysterious characters. But who truly wants to help her? And who wants her dead? The fate of humanity lies in her hands.

Features :

  • Over 140 breathtaking scenes in a vast undersea temple and cloud city.
  • Immersive locations, fantastic story and unique object hunting and mini-games.
  • Meet mysterious characters to gain vital clues. Who can you trust? Who will deceive?
  • Stop the Evil Empress from destroying the underwater world.
  • Escape to the utopian city in the clouds.


Windows XP/Vista/7
1.0 GHz
512 MB RAM
DirectX compatible video card
200 MB available space
Version 8.1