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About this game

This is the story of Zipple, a frog warrior who must collect the objects scattered in his world of mazes and then bring them into the homes of her village.

To pass each level you have to transport a certain number of objects (scattered in the maze) in the houses of the village. All that by running, jumping and killing enemies.

There are various types of enemies of various species, and there are movable obstacles and bonuses falling from the sky. You can also kill enemies by jumping on them.

When you run you activate the God Mode which can kill enemies, but you can not shoot.

If a magic items falls into the void, it will be Game Over! To catch the "magic boxes" just touch it to activate the elastic to the protagonist; then you have to drag these objects (with the label "TAKE") in the houses of the village (label "HOME"). The tents with label "DANGER" are the enemy bases.

Key Features:

  • 3D dungeon maps! Each maze is in 3D with ramps, descents and random climbs.
  • Enemies. Enemies follow the main character by moving and jumping. There are four enemy types, with different characteristics and speed.
  • Obstacles. With advancing levels will appear obstacles (rocks, etc.) which will hinder the journey of the protagonist. These obstacles can be moved and placed wherever you want.Bonuses are obstacles that can kill enemies with a magical aura. Unlimited levels. The game is practically infinite, the number of levels is unlimited and therefore the real challenge is to make as many points as possible to become a legend.
  • Multiple game modes. You can select various game options, including the camera, game difficulty levels, the number of enemies and their speed. All this to offer an even richer gameplay.
  • Full game statistics. The game saves the complete statistics of the game in progress, including the score, time played, enemies destroyed, blocks filled, jumps, levels completed, levels failed etc. In this way, lovers of statistics will have even more pleasure in playing.

System requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Intel Pentium 1.6 GHz or equivalent
3D graphics card DirectX 9.0c compatible
100 MB available space
Version 9.0c
Any Windows compatible sound device