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About this game

Become a King of the Road in the new exciting game! 

Drive big trucks faster than every simple car, and be careful, you are not alone on the road. Trucker offers exciting racing on Central West European roads and highways. Have you ever seen tuning track in a computer game? In Trucker everything is possible, you can buy tuning engines, gear box, neons, new painting, NOS and more... 

Trucker is based on totally new graphic engine which offers realistic physics, advanced light effects, and even 8 opponents on one stage and traffic. 

  • new, effective graphic engine 
  • 24 stages 
  • 5 trucks 
  • 3 difficult levels 
  • realistic physics 
  • car damage 
  • beautiful locations 
  • car tuning 
  • steering wheels and game pad support 


System requirements

Pentium III 1 GHz
256 MB RAM
mx 440
500 MB available space