Sword of the Stars: The Pit Soundtrack

About this game

Set amongst the heavens, the music of the Sword of the Stars games has always been one of aliens instruments and military anthems. But in The Pit you aren't in the heavens, you've entered a hell, and with it comes a dark and mechanical accompaniment! Composed and produced by Ben Lam at Power Up Audio, The Pit OST takes the retro sound of gaming eras past and heightens it with a modern, hands-on sound, making it a must-have for instrumental aficionados.

Track List:

  • Boot
  • Enter The Pit
  • Foreboding
  • Evasion
  • March of the Maintenance Bots
  • Engineer At Work
  • Greenhouse of the Damned
  • Security Search
  • Strangler Stalk
  • Beware of the Blobs
  • Warbot Scans
  • Rise of the Xombies
  • Zuul Masters
  • You Lose! Please Try Again
  • You Won! Please Try Again
  • Sword of the Stars Theme