7 Artifacts

  • 7 Artifacts
  • 7 Artifacts
  • 7 Artifacts
  • 7 Artifacts
  • 7 Artifacts
  • 7 Artifacts
  • 7 Artifacts

About this game

Game Description:
It's been a long time since everything settled up on the lands of Hellas and at the Olympus. Titans were in Tartarus together with their master Cronus, Poseidon ruled the seas, Hades ruled the underworld and Zeus was the ruler of the world. However, new order was not satisfactory for all and it gave birth to conspiracies between gods and between humans...

Messenger of Athenian ruler addresses sage Arcanius with a delicate request. Mysterious evidence has been found during the investigation of important case - a chest with some unusual precious stones and a parchment with meaningless writings. Fearful of conspiracy, the ruler is asking for help in decrypting of this secret message. Arcanius calls his best apprentice Lidia because it is she who has enough talent to cope with such difficult task. Arcanius gives mysterious parchment and chest with precious stones to Lidia...

  • Features:
  • 70 levels, including 20 bonus levels
  • 7 magic Artifacts with unique features
  • 8 magic bonuses
  • Extended Match 3 mechanics
  • Diverse game modes
  • Picturesque ancient setting
  • Fascinating story-line and searches for a clue to the message

System requirements

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
600 MHz
128 MB
44 MB