Stash - Founder's Package DLC

  • Stash - Founder's Package DLC
  • Stash - Founder's Package DLC
  • Stash - Founder's Package DLC

About this game

The Founder's Package grants you the status of both Citizen and Founder of Stash. This includes some extremely useful and convenient items - some of which cannot be obtained in any other way:

  • Total Value: $75.00+
  • $50 worth of Medallions (41,600 Medallions)
  • Founder's Cloak - Fancy cloak that provides +20% XP until you reach level 20.
  • Mount: donkey.
  • +25% XP Booster (2 hour duration) x4.
  • Healing Potion x10.
  • Mana Potion x10.
  • Founder's Monument - Exterior decorative item for your BOO (Base of operations - your house).
  • Founder's Display - Glass Weapon Case - Interior decorative item for your BOO.

Medallions are a virtual currency used to purchase a wide variety of nice but optional things. The Medallion shop is primarily for cosmetics, convenience, and customization. Medallions are not used to buy gear or character power.

System requirements

Windows XP
Windows 7
Intel Core Duo or equivalent
Intel i3 or equivalent
onboard graphics
discrete video card
2 GB available space
2 GB available space
Broadband Internet connection
Broadband Internet connection