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About this game

In Steam Squad First World War had not yet become the First . Now it's simply called the Great .
It’s not a coincidence!

See, have a look, three Main Powers:

  • Britain (didn't lose its colonies - African, American and the rest);
  • Tianxia (swallowed all Asian countries and Siberia);
  • Holy Roman Empire (united almost the whole Europe).

These empires have actually divided the globe. And suddenly the Tianxia Ambassador is killed in the tiny state of Moscowia!
British security services are under suspicion!
This is a complete analog of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria Assassination with which (in our world) the WWI started.
And Great War gears were set in motion…

By the way, really "gears". Because the Steam Squad universe - is a steampunk world.
Well, well, you’ve got this from the title, haven’t you?


  • Historical weapons: the game involves weapons that mainly existed in the real world, but have not become widespread. Authors, who dared to change the global history, did not forget about the realism in small details.
  • Design and graphics: Buildings, landscapes, clothes, even furniture have been thoughtfully designed in accordance with actual historical styles and mild modifications were made to meet alternative historical realities.
  • Strong contenders: During the main campaign you play for each of the Empires at the moment, when enemies are at the height of their fame. Live a life of a commander of Нoly Roman Empire Special Forces in India or a Tianxian samurai-aviator! (Real samurai don’t exist there, because Japan did not have internal wars).
  • Customization: You can create the squad as you see fit. Those soldiers, who survive, follow you from mission to mission.
  • The original combat system: unusual mathematical base gives you almost unlimited number of different strategies and tactics.
  • Music: symphonic. It is inspired by music of time and place where an action is set.
  • High-quality literature component: Three characters that lead us through the story: A British officer, who performs a special mission, an artist who enjoys the confidence of Son of The Sun and archkapellan of the Holy Roman Empire, the main propagandist of the country.

System requirements

Windows XP or later
1.7+ GHz or better
NVidia or ATI graphics card
2250 MB available space