Casual games

Casual doesn’t mean bad. Casual means relaxing. Casual means light. Casual means family friendly. And we’ve got an immense catalogue of casual games for PC that is sure to satisfy your taste!

Simulators, relaxing platformers, puzzle games, even match-three and hidden object games are patiently waiting for your attention. Because who doesn’t need to chill in bed when it’s raining outside with a cup of hot tea and a nice, cute game on the laptop.

PC casual games are the choice of real men. Real women. And anyone in-between.

Happy Tails Zoo Keeper
Sprill & Ritchie: Adventures in Time
Ft 1938.00
Huru Beach Party
Ft 771.32
Restaurant Empire 2
Ft 2267.46
Ft 7558.20
  • -70%
Slide Colors
Ft 1918.62
Miss Chic Sport
Ft 383.72
Miss Chic Romantic
Ft 383.72
Jessica: Mysterious Journey
Ft 3856.62
Detective Agency
Ft 736.44
Ft 3469.02
Foosball Maniac
Ft 3872.12
Sky Kingdoms
Ft 1546.52
Ft 1546.52
Ft 771.32
Ft 771.32
Ft 1918.62
The Enchanting Islands
Magic Solitaire
Ft 577.52
Puzzle Quest Galactrix
SlamIt Pinball
Ft 1934.12
Reindeer Adventure
Ft 577.52
Holly 2: Magic Land
Ft 1546.52
Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus
Spirits of Metropolis: Legacy Edition
Enchanted Cavern
Ft 383.72
Jessica: Secret of the Caribbean
Crayon Physics Deluxe
Ft 1934.12