Welcome to the new era of GamersGate!

You’re probably wondering, what’s all this about. There are some aliens on the website now, the interface has changed and so on and so forth. We’re here to clarify what does it all mean for you:

First and foremost, all of your accounts and games you’ve purchased are perfectly safe, no changes there. You can access your library by going to the “My games” or “My purchases” menu now!

Visually, GamersGate is quite a bit different now. We believe that the old design was, well, old. And outdated. And not terribly functional, to be completely honest. That’s why we took our time to rework it completely into what you see before you now — all of the important messages, buttons and menus have gotten bigger and more accessible, everything is neatly compartmentalized and, in general, looks quite a bit better.

But the changes are not only visual — the backend has had a lot of work done on it too! GamersGate should now work faster than ever and process things quicker!

Now you also get to know our new mascots — Grronk and Glyzz. Grronk sees games as a way to dominate the world and bend it to his will, while Glyzz is a bit of a shopaholic, who loves each and every game equally. They will help you navigate the site, and make the experience in general more fun.

That is not everything we have prepared for this new era of GamersGate — most of the cool features we’ve got planned are yet to come, such as built-in giveaways, free packs of digital goodies, and, maybe, the return of some beloved features that have been retired years ago. We also may have figured out a way for Manual Review to be more lax, but we’ll need a little bit more time to actually implement it.

You’re likely to spot a bug or two while we’re still ironing out the kinks of the interface and the backend. If you find anything that doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to — message Grronk and Glyzz so they can disintegrate the error.