Knights of Honor

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Knights of Honor

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The opportunity to rewrite history waits for you in this epic, sprawling struggle for sovereignty, dominance and riches. Choose one of over 100 kingdoms and play through the Early, High, and Late periods of the Middle Ages during one of Europe’s most turbulent and fascinating times. Use any number of methods to achieve your goals and impose your will on others, including trade, diplomacy, subterfuge or brute force.

Through words or steel, lead your nation to victory and make your mark on history. With numerous allies and foes to contend with and an entire continent to conquer, the path to ultimate domination is no simple feat. It takes the wisdom, strength and courage of a leader to weather the trials of history: do you have it in you?

• Take numerous paths to victory through trade, espionage, diplomacy, and war.
• Begin in the Early, High or Late periods of the Middle Ages, and carry your people through its tumultuous history and onto victory.
• Spanning hundreds of years, Knights of Honor puts players in control of one of over 100 kingdoms in the heart of Medieval Europe.
• Command Knights loyal to your cause to conquer enemy kingdoms, perform devious espionage actions or rule over your own provinces. Choose between 6 types of Knights with different special abilities and upgrade options.
• Build more than 60 different structures and upgrade them to improve the production and defence capabilities of the province.
• Enemies are all around and lie unseen. Use spies to unravel mysteries, ambassadors to carry words of peace, and soldiers to put the lands of your foes under your heel. Engage in a unique battle-system with tactical elements with nine types of warfare and over 50 military units, including siege weaponry, and learn that the fist can rule the day.
• Religion and ideas can also prove to be as useful as the sword: install your own cleric in the Vatican to influence events or bring the ruin to the Papacy.
• Use your feel for diplomacy when concluding trade agreements or entering into military alliances. Handle the political climate with trade agreements, non-aggression pacts, alliances, and marriages. Wage war on the weak, and befriend the strong.
•Lead your hand picked troops into battle and conquer enemy realms. Storm massive fortresses or lay siege to them and starve your enemies out or even poison the water. Defend your own realms against invading forces and use your tactical skills wisely.
• Launch into one of nine different types of battle-scenarios
• 3 geographical regions with over 150 provinces and different architectural styles
• 4 action packed multiplayer battle modes for up to 6 players.





System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 98 Second Edition
  • 1 GHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 1.2 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games
  • 16 MB video card with 1024x768 resolution
  • DirectX 9.x compatible sound card


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