Heroes of a Broken Land

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Explore procedurally generated worlds and dungeons with multiple parties of heroes. Ally with other towns to recruit new and more powerful heroes. Explore and loot countless dungeons on your quest to save the world.

  • Procedurally generated worlds and dungeons for unlimted replay
  • Customize your world - from tiny worlds to epic adventures
  • Choose one of six Wizards to control, each with a unique power
  • Build your town and ally with others to expand your kingdom
  • 15 classes and races of heroes to recruit
  • Command multiple parties of adventurers
  • Explore epic multi-party dungeons
  • Battle challenging monsters, face devious traps


"Heroes of a Broken Land might be the last turn-based RPG you ever need"
PC Gamer

"It’s a fantastic mix of classics such as Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master, Heroes of Might and Magic, Wizardry and even a few modern titles such as Legend of Grimrock and other turn-based RPG’s. Fans of these classics will almost immediately fall in love with Heroes of a Broken Land and it’s classic Role-Playing feel."

"The sheer scope and ambition of the game is pretty remarkable."

Heroes of a Broken Land © 2013-2014 Winged Pixel Inc.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP or Later


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