BIT.TRIP CORE Original Soundtrack

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This soundtrack to the sleeper-hit video game BIT.TRIP CORE features thumpin' chiptune-inspired tracks that will get your heart pounding as CommanderVideo learns what it means to have a CORE.

Bookended by amazing chiptune artist and guest star Bubblyfish, the BIT.TRIP CORE soundscape continues CommanderVideo’s aural soul quest as he transitions into the land of the tactile.

Get in the zone and ride the vibe as you continue your own BIT.TRIP with this audio companion.

1 -        Translucent (feat. Bubblyfish)
2 -        Discovery
3 -        Exploration
4 -        Control
5 -        Ah! (feat. Bubblyfish)
6 -        Trepidation
7 -        Nurture
8 -        Determination
9 -        Accomplishment
10 -    Realization