What is manual review? Am I the Chosen One?

You have indeed been chosen! Instead of invitation to Hogwarts though, it's manual review...

Manual review is GamersGate's security measure which helps us prevent unauthorized or fraudulent transactions. It usually doesn't affect normal users, but it can occasionally misfire. It won't take longer than 24 hours and, most likely, your order will be confirmed within a couple of hours.

There are a few reasons this may have happened to you:

- Suspicious data in your order (e.g. suspicious/temporary email domain)
- Multiple accounts from a single IP address. Or just a single person having multiple accounts. It's even in our Terms of Use!
- Ordering too many products from different accounts. We sell these precious products just for you and your real friends.
Various payment issues: your payment details may not match the previous ones, cardholder's name doesn't match yours, payment system flagging you as suspicious etc.
Using VPN, Proxy or any other tool that messes with IP address.

We know Manual Review can be a bit frustrating. We are trying to minimize the amount of orders that get flagged for it, and you can always speed things up or learn as to why you have been selected by contacting us via this form