Binarystar Infinity

  • Binarystar Infinity
  • Binarystar Infinity
  • Binarystar Infinity
  • Binarystar Infinity
  • Binarystar Infinity
  • Binarystar Infinity

Об этой игре


On stardate 2258.42, Talios, the main moon of our system was destroyed by an unknown mothership. As the best pilots of the Binarystar Space force, you are in charge of assessing the threat, strategically retaliate, and destroy the unknown invader.


Binarystar Infinity is a 1-Bit Shoot ‘Em Up with a challenging experience reminding of the traditional Arcade Shmup classics, that can be experienced alone or with a friend, and with the particularity of being playable in vertical or horizontal scrolling mode. Offering handcrafted levels and bosses with modern fast-action gameplay and smooth feedback controls, packaged in a stylized nostalgic 1-Bit graphic look (popularized by games like Downwell and Minit) with juicy FX. The game offers a challenging single-player mode with levels run to be mastered, or a more relaxing co-op experience if you choose to play with a friend (Nightmarish if you decide to activate the Friendly Fire co-op option!).


  • Horizontal or Vertical scrolling mode
  • Single-player, Shared Screen Co-op
  • 8 Missions with different dangers & biomes
  • 8 Unique Bosses
  • More than 20 different enemies & obstacles
  • Engaging Weapons upgrade & Power-ups
  • Auto fire & optional Co-op friendly fire
  • Unlockable Survival & Boss Rush Modes
  • Original Retro Electro / Darkwave Soundtrack by Christophe Leipp-Casallès

Системные требования

Windows 10
Intel Core i5-4440 (or equivalent)
nVidia 320M or higher, or Radeon 7000 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher
15 MB available space
Version 9.0c