Libredia® is a digital distribution service, owned and operated by LAYERNET.

LAYERNET was founded in the summer of 2008 by games industry veteran Stefan Layer. Layer is an international games market specialist of 18 years and has a global reputation and an extensive international industry network.

LAYERNET specializes in the licensing and monetization of interactive games on multiple formats including: PC, Mac, Android and Facebook. The company has over 5 years experience in mainstream digital distribution and a strong knowledge of new and emerging distribution technologies.

LAYERNET provides Libredia® as a one-stop digital distribution solution to game developers and is proud to be partnered with the most respected digital distribution brands and companies in the world.

With Libredia® developers have instant access to market leading streaming and download sites around the world. Libredia® provides a simple and effective package to manage the business administration of international digital distribution. We offer an efficient, cost effective and prompt workflow and guarantee complete transparency to our partners.

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