ΩTH is a new-age company, founded in 2009, that works directly with Japanese video game companies and is involved in various aspects of development, translation, and publishing. The company was set up to help Japanese game developers not only be able to release their own games in North America and Europe, but also to do it in a way that shields them from having to work with localization companies in those parts of the world who release games and are later forced by investors to abandon publishing future titles in a series due to a heavy focus on profit margins. It is our belief that whether a game sees the light of day outside Japan should not be limited to a board of investors, but the actual costs involved versus returns in actually publishing the title. ΩTH has, therefore, taken a modern approach and created a business model that cuts the middle-man out, provides a way for Japanese developers to keep the majority of the profits in their own pockets, and get gamers the titles they want without having to worry about paying a "pretty penny" for them.

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