Hemisphere Games

Hemisphere Games

At the core of Hemisphere Games is:

Eddy Boxerman, who often identifies himself in the professional third person as a physics/animation programmer. He spent several years at Ubisoft Montreal on the Splinter Cell franchise, along with more esoteric jobs over the years. He tends to obsess about game design, fine ales, and fresh powder… amongst other things.


Along with some exceptionally talented friends and collaborators:

Dave Burke was, in a previous life, an Unreal Engine 3 developer at Epic Games and worked on the Gears of War and Unreal Tournament franchises. He recently added his wisdom and programming wizardry to the latest IGF submission of Osmos. Since then, he’s been working away at the core of Osmos, helping to forge and buff it to a polished, zen shine.


Kun Chang is a film and art director (Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, numerous documentaries…), as well as concept artist (The Fifth Element, Star Wars, Hellboy 2, and more). Kun created the artwork behind all those wonderful motes.


Owen DeWitt aka grimsheep, is a wicked illustrator (who’s recently gotten into robot vinyl). He created the Osmos logo and crosshair, and has done a lot of work on another game that is waiting in the wings…


Mat Jarvis aka Gas, aka High Skies, is a sound magician with class. Two tracks, along with several sound effects, have osmoted their way from his Microscopics studio into the game that is Osmos.


Andy Nealen is an assistant professor at Rutgers University, with interests in geometric and physically-based modeling, as well as… “interactive entertainment”. A regular advisor in the hallowed halls of game, he lent his fingers and mind to last year’s IGF submission of Osmos. (Yes, it’s been in development that long.)

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