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GP Championship 2 is a full feature simulation of the ultimate motor racing formula. Race against up to 23 computer opponents in a World Championship series on 9 international racing circuits. A split screen mode allows you to compete against another human player on the same machine and the workshop gives you complete control of the setup of your vehicle.

9 International racing tracks with lavish attention to detail. 6 customisable difficulty levels. Choice of 10 cars to drive. Multiple race and game views (including cockpit view) and trackside cameras. Workshop gives control of gearbox settings, tyre choice, brake balance and wing settings. Pitstops for refuelling and tyre changes. Real world environment effects including rain. Race against up to 23 CPU cars. Realism settings allow full control of simulation environment including weather, damage and spins. Force Feedback support. Split screen mode for two players on one machine. Driver help options for the novice including Steering Assist and Braking Assist.

System Requirements

  • PC/Windows
  • Pentium II (or AMD equivalent) 500 MHZ
  • 128MB RAM
  • 3D Graphics Card with minimum 16MB RAM
  • DirectX compatible Sound Card
  • DirectX 8.1 or higher
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP