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A.I.M. is an action role-playing game unfolding in a sci-fi universe inhabited by androids. Humans are but a vague memory in a world where robots rule. Players assume role of an AI android traveling on a special floating vehicle with antigravity engines. Gliders are multipurpose combat vehicles, and the huge military zone was created to test them. The game combines combat action, trade, exploration, undertaking of various quests and missions, glider upgrades, armament purchase. The player enters a huge world made up of different zones. Each zone lives a life of its own, and has its own social and trade relations. Moving from zone to zone the gamer encounters different groups of A.I.M. and may join any of them. The player has access to different combat vehicles, technologies and upgrades. Profitable trade, victories in combats and fulfillment of different tasks will let the player earn resources to upgrade the glider and influence his in-game rating.

A unique robotic social system, civilization of AI creatures Huge sci-fi game zones Intriguing storyline, complete with Non-linear quests Sophisticated trade system Over 50 types of weapons, including bombs, lasers, mines and rockets Over 30 types of gliders, including biomechanical machines Various opportunities for gliders upgrade Massive battles and hot pursuits
  • Platforms: PC
  • Categories: Action , RPG , Action RPG
  • Publisher: 1C
  • DRM: DRM Free

System Requirements

  • PC/Windows
  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
  • Pentium III 800 MHz
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Video card 32 MB
  • Directx-compatible sound card
  • 2,5 GB hard drive space
  • DirectX 8.1