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--Truths and what I am--Sci-Fi and Fantasy junkie. Hard core gamer. Martial Artist. I enjoy outdoor activities.I have an unnatural obsession with Japan and Japanese culture.
My ideal vacation is to spend at least a month in Japan traveling everywhere and seeing and doing everything. My long term goal is to have my own game development studio not bound by the restrictions of a major publisher. I am a PC gamer above all else. I do own and play console games but it is not the majority of my gaming experience. I believe that we the PC gamers belong to an elitist class of gamers. We are the Ferrari owners of the gaming world. I am a cynic. I am an American. I believe in fate. I follow Bushido. Neither Star Trek nor Star Wars are better. I know equally as much about guns and how to use them in real life as I do in video games. I do not believe in the term "Girl Gamer" either you are a gamer or not. The need for most people to qualify it with a gender is sexist. You don't hear me or any other guys saying we are "Guy Gamers" do you? --Lies-- Stargate SG-1 is better than Stargate Atlantis. Our American forefathers would be happy with our country if they were alive now.
Most people from this generation are generally good people and look out for and care about their fellow man (or woman). Twilight is original. Most current vampire fiction is not ripped off of Vampire The Masquerade / World of Darkness. England has a better mass transit system than Tokyo. Fox makes wise program decisions. --Other gaming user names-- Steam: bloodwolf1984
Origin: bloodwolf1984 XBLA: UnversedSummer4 GFW Live: fragalotafest gog: bloodwolf1984
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