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I am an avid gamer for more than 30 years now, having started with a pre-Atari console that barely anybody remembers any more. I have been part of a number of gaming projects (mostly fan-driven though), and am generally very interested in everything surrounding my favorite pastime. I am also a collector, and have found GamersGate to be a great place to buy games for little money, while having a huge catalog to choose from. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am also part of the moderator team for the Game Tutor. If you have questions about the Tutor, or see a need for a moderator action somewhere, I would be happy to help. However, please keep the following in mind: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. My opinions are my own, and do not necessarily represent those of GamersGate. Please do not quote something I said as coming from a GamersGate official, because that is not what I am. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. I do try to answer every message sent to me, but since this is volunteer work rather than a job, other things in my life may take precedence for a while, and I might not be available for days or even longer. Please do not go mad if I do not answer for a while. You can always take any issues to GamersGate support (or to other moderators). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. If you have issues with a game, or questions about the shop, then it is probably better to open a Game Tutor thread or a support ticket, instead of messaging an individual moderator. This way, more people (or: the relevant people) will see your question, and it can often be answered quicker and better as when you are asking just a single person. This will also help moderators to focus on issues that require their presence. Thanks! :)