Trainz Simulator 2009

  • Trainz Simulator 2009
  • Trainz Simulator 2009
  • Trainz Simulator 2009
  • Trainz Simulator 2009
  • Trainz Simulator 2009

About this game

Create and operate the rail world of your dreams. Build routes, drive locos, issue Driver Commands, download content and much more.

Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition delivers a whole new level of realism. With new graphics capabilities, higher detailed terrain and dozens of great new features, TS2009 is the "must-have" version for all Trainz lovers.

TS2009 delivers all your favourite content from past releases plus new content such as the Union Pacific SD40-2 and the high resolution TS2009 track. More content will be released for download over time. It encompasses all features from the Trainz Classics series and solves many of the issues found in previous versions.

New features in Trainz™ Simulator 2009:

  • The largest ever collection of quality routes, locos, rolling stock and scenery.
  • Twice the detail - trains, terrain and textures in higher resolution.
  • Optimizations allow twice the scenery detail as well.
  • New ground clutter and decals add gritty realism to your world.
  • More tools in Surveyor to allow easier terrain deformation and track laying.
  • Improved physics and easier re-configuration of locos and rolling stock.
  • New user interface and Help system putting Trainz power into the hands of everyone.
  • Improvements to Content Manager Plus to make organizing your content even easier.
  • Embedded web browser allows more interaction, more information, more immersion.
  • Trainz Exchange Community Portal for online chat, blogs, wikis and "scrapbooks".
  • Screenshot and video capture functions to help capture and share your experience.
  • Enormous content update to ensure maximum compatibility between versions

System requirements

Windows XP Service Pack 2
Pentium IV 2.2GHz (or equivalent)
64MB 3D Graphics Card (NVIDIA GeForce2 or equivalent)