Rise: Battle Lines

  • Rise: Battle Lines
  • Rise: Battle Lines
  • Rise: Battle Lines
  • Rise: Battle Lines
  • Rise: Battle Lines
  • Rise: Battle Lines
  • Rise: Battle Lines

About this game

Rise: Battle Lines is a quick and accessible multiplayer-focused battle game that delivers meaty strategy in a bite-size format! Draft an army and fight a battle all in 15 thrilling minutes. Opponents issue orders at the same time in this unique system of simultaneous turn-based tactics. The rules are simple but the strategies require the brains, bravery and sheer bravado of a general, destined to Rise!

Key Features:

  • Choose Your Army - Opponents start by placing units into their army from a randomized selection of the 6 different unit types making every battle different. Each unit you pick is one your opponent cannot use, so choose wisely!
  • Many Ways to Play - Learn against our AI characters, get matched with a similarly skilled stranger in a timed game or challenge a Steam friend and play live or asynchronously using Steam notifications.
  • Customize Your Coat of Arms - Fight battles to earn Glory, which unlocks new titles and designs for your heraldry.
  • Stats & Leaderboards - Stats are tracked so you can analyze your play and your Glory is listed in global and friends-only leaderboards.
  • Original Soundtrack - Dynamic score of soaring fantasy refrains, thumping war songs and wistful melodies from acclaimed composer Murugan Thiruchelvam.

System requirements

Windows Vista/7/8/10
Single Core CPU @ 1.6GHz
1280x768 minimum resolution, GeForce 8600/Radeon HD 3670/Intel HD 3000
500 MB available space
Version 10
Broadband Internet connection