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GamersGate`s Reward program

GamersGate’s Reward program

GamersGate offers customer perks on everything you do on GamersGate. The more active you are, the more we’ll reward you.

BlueCoinsBlueCoins are GamersGate’s virtual currency. You can buy them or earn them just by using the site.


Member status

White Member:   0 - 1,249 Status points
Green Member:   1,250 - 4,999 Status points
Yellow Member:   5,000 - 12,499 Status points
Red Member:   12,500 - 99,999 Status points
Black Member:   >100,000 Status points

You get the same amount of status points as blue coins when you get rewards. Sometimes your membership status entitles to special discounts on games. A higher membership status will give you a lower price. You can see your current membership status on your profile page.


BlueCoins Reward program;

Pre-order:   250 BLC (Some games give you even more BLC!)
Review (1st):   300 BLC
Review:   150 BLC
Rate (1st):   100 BLC
Rate:   50 BLC
Game Tutor:   500 BLC
Walkthrough:   1,000 BLC

Purchase Games: 5% of the total purchase value will be rewards in BLC [Example: Buy Football Manager 2010 for $49.95 get 5% back in Blue Coins, or 2,498 BLC. Or buy 5 games for $39.99 each and get a game for $10 for FREE.




GamersGate allows you to pre-order a game, and when you do you’ll be rewarded with BlueCoins. The standard is 250 BLC, but sometimes there are special offers that include more.


Price guarantee

If the pre-ordered game drops in price within 30 days after its release, for more than 5 days, you will get the difference back in Blue Coins.



A pre-ordered game will be available for download six hours before release, pending publisher approval.





Your reviews posted on GamersGate are important as they will help other gamers with their game selections. Therefore we want to ensure that all reviews are as useful as possible to our gamers. Anyone who has purchased a game is welcome to write a review, which will be published on GamersGate. Please note that in order to get your review published you need to follow our review policy. In order to review a product, you must be logged in and own the game, and you can only review a product once. If you are first to review you will receive 300 BLC, with additional reviewers receiving 150 BLC.
Post a review


Reviews are moderated and once a review gets approved, the reviewer receives the bonus. Moderators may take some time to approve a review.


Ratings – rate a game

GamersGate allows you to rate the game you have purchased, using a five-star rating scale. If you are first to rate the game, you will receive 100 BLC with subsequent ratings receiving 50 BLC.



Game Tutor

The Game Tutor program is designed to help members with any game issues and reward those who help.

For example, let's say you can't get your game to load or you are struggling on a specific level of a game.  You simply go the page, post your question and the first member who responds with the solution is rewarded with Blue Coins which can later be used to purchase games.  The person who provides the solution will be rewarded with 500 BLC.
Go to Game Tutor


Tutor questions are moderated and once a queston gets marked as closed by the moderator, the users that answered the question receive the bonus. Moderators may take some time to approve a tutor question.


Purchase Games

For every game you buy, you will receive 5% of the purchased value in BlueCoins. Let’s say you have bought 5 games for $39.99 – you’ll have enough coins to get a FREE game (valued at $10).

Buy 2Buy 1

Note: purchases, made with Blue Coins will not add bonus Blue Coins.




GamersGate offers tons of challenging games, and players are bound to get stuck from time to time. Any player who writes a Game Walkthrough for the site will be rewarded with 1,000 Blue Coins.

Where do I write a game walkthrough/guide, tips, or cheats?

When logged in, select "My Games."  Under "My Games," click on "My Game Documents."  Next, please select "Create a New Game Document" and follow the simple directions! Once you've completed the document and its been verified, you'll receive your Blue Coins!
Post a walkthrough/guide, tips, or cheats



GG Tag

Gamers will use their “GG Tag” widget to direct new users to GamersGate. The “GG Tag” displays your GamersGate profile with links to your profile page, the game you are currently playing and the games you own. Users will be able to post their “GG Tag” widget on websites, blogs, and any other place where you can imbed HTML code. You will have a kickback in BlueCoins on every purchase generated from your GG Tag.

White member will receive 2%, Green 2.5%, Yellow 3%, Red 5% and Black 10%.




Blue Coins expire

Blue Coins that you have earned through rewards will expire after 12 months if they are not used.

Blue Coins that you have bought will not expire.