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Publisher / Developer

Do you wish to see your titles as part of the world’s biggest catalogue of games?

Email us at publisher (at) gamersgate (dot) com with details on your titles. Please do not email support, pr or other divisions at GamersGate.

When submitting your game(s), please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Title

  • Short information about the game

  • Screenshots (URLs are fine)

  • Video (e.g. Youtube URL is fine)*

  • Genre

  • Price*

  • Release Date*

  • Name of Game Studio/Developer/Company

*If available/possible


General Developer/Publisher FAQ:

  1. General Questions:
    a.    What platforms do GamersGate Support?
    PC, Mac and Linux.

    b.    Is it possible to offer a demo of the game(s) via GamersGate?

    Can I run a pre-order of my game on GamersGate?
    Yes. And if you want to offer a pre-order bonus that is great.

    d.    Who decides the price for which my game is sold?
    You have full control over the pricing of your games but GamersGate is happy to help by giving advice regarding what price might work best.

    e.    Is there any cost to get my game up on GamersGate?
    No, there is no upfront cost to get your game listed on GamersGate.

  2. Marketing :
    a.    What marketing options do GamersGate offer for my game?
    GamersGate offers a variety of options when marketing games. Some examples:
    i.    On-site marketing (Banners)
    ii.    Newsletter inclusion
    iii.    Facebook/Twitter
    iv.    Affiliate network

  3. Reporting:
    a.    Will I get monthly reports?
    Yes, on the 10th of every month you will receive a monthly royalty report

    b.    Can I monitor sales online?
    Yes, through the online sales tool GameNerve you can monitor sales in real time, and do advanced sales analytics.

    c.    What is the procedure for getting payment from GamersGate?
    Payment will be done 30 days after the royalty month end, if you have sent us an invoice in time.

    d.    Through what method will GamersGate be able to send payments?
    Wire Transfer and Automated Clearing House in the US.

  4. Managing my Game(s):
    a.    Will I be able to manage/update my Game product pages?
    Yes, through the GameNerve system you will have the power to updated the following:
    i.    Information about the game
    ii.    System Requirements
    iii.    Age Rating
    iv.    Screenshots
    v.    Boxshot (180 x 259px)
    vi.    Background (740 x 650 px)
    vii.    Price
    viii.    Upload Manual, Demo, Trailers, Patches

  5. Promotion:
    a.    Are there any options or possibilities to run promotion/discounts on GamersGate?
    GamersGate offers vast varieties of different promotional opportunities for developers and publishers to run on their games. . Some examples
    i.    Discounts (Week, Weekends or Daily Deals)
    ii.    Bundles (Multiple copies, complete packs)

    b.    Is it possible to bundle my game with other developers games?
    Yes, but GamersGate need to create the bundle.

  6. Redeem Codes:
    a.    Will I be able to distribute my game(s) to journalist, media sites, reviewers and friends?
    Yes. Through GameNerve you will be able to create Digital Copy codes for each of your games, which you then can distribute freely.

  7. Technical requirements:
    a.    Is there any special for the game to be sold on GamersGate?
    The game needs to be finished (in some fashion) and working to install and play. GamersGate also offers the option to sell games in Alpha/Beta stage. But the customer’s needs to be able to install and play the game.

    It's always good if the game supports the latest operating systems.

    b.    Does GamersGate Require any API or similar to be implemented into the game in order for it to be sold on GamersGate.com?
    No. GamersGate native technology is a client free service; where the technical implementation is very low.

    GamersGate does offer developers a tool that supports in-game microtransactions, through the SDK MicroSuite. For more information, please go to http://www.gamersgate.com/microsuite/ or contact us at  publisher (at) gamersgate (dot) com for more info.

    c.    Do you support web-based games?
    Currently we do not sell or support web-based games. But this might be an option in the future.

    d.    What options is there concerning DRM?
    You have 3 options:
    i.    Sell the game DRM Free
    ii.    GamersGate can add DRM, if so Sony SecuROM will be the provider.
    iii.    If the game is already wraped with DRM then GamersGate can sell that version.

    e.    In what format should I send the game files to GamersGate?

    It depends on how you want to do with DRM:
    i.    If you want to sell the game DRM free you can send the raw files (GamersGate will build the installer) or send your Installer. It would need to be as a .exe file.
    ii.    If you require GamersGate to protect the game, please send the unprotected .exe file, that we will protect and send back to you, so you can build your own installer.
    iii.    If you have your own DRM on the game, please just send the installer (.exe ) and a batch of serials.


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