GG Tag

Get rewarded with Blue Coins for driving new customers to make a purchase on GamersGate through the GG Tag. Blue Coins can be used to purchase anything from the GamersGate catalog.

GamersGate have launched the GG Tag, as part of GamersGate Customer Affiliate Program (CAP). Gamers will use their “GG Tag” widget to direct new users to GamersGate. The “GG Tag” displays your GamersGate profile with links to your profile page, the game you are currently playing and the games you own. Users will be able to post their “GG Tag” widget on websites, blogs, and any other place where you can imbed HTML code.

Also, once the GG Tag have been created it will display on the site when logged in.

To start using the GG Tag, you have to create it. First you login and then you find it under "My Account" > "My GG Tag".


GG Tag


Then you click "Create a GG Tag" button to modify the settings and get the HTML code you need.

Once you have created the GG Tag, simply copy the HTML code and insert it where you want to show the world who you are on GamersGate and your favorite games.

GG Tag

This is the first version of the GG Tag. The only requirements is that the site you insert the code can read HTML. More features and functionallity will come later this year.