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  • General

    • What is GamersGate?

  • GamersGate?

    • Blue Coins

    • Can I download a game on one computer and install it on another one?

    • Can I download the game on my office PC and install it on my home PC which does not have an internet connection?

  • Payment / Transactions

    • 000050 Error when placing orders

    • Blue Coins

    • Can I pay by any other means than Credit Card?

  • Downloader

    • "Dfsvc.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close"

    • "Failed to open file: Access denied. (Error 5)

    • "HTTPSendRequest" message

  • Error-messages

  • Game Related

    • "d3dx9_XX.dll Missing" message

    • "Installation process aborted" message.

    • "Missing dll-file" message

    • "Please install the latest milestone" message.

    • 7.62 High Calibre - the trade screen is black, and so it is impossible to use it.

    • Activate the game with Tagés DRM

    • Arial font problems

    • Aurora - The Secret Within: I got a message that says "Unable to load the frame called intro2.

    • Avadon - black screen

    • Beyond Divinity - Run on W7

    • Bioshock wont start at logo screen or after it

    • BitDefender 2009 stopped the installation due to a virus in the launch file.

    • Can I download a game on one computer and install it on another one?

    • Civilisation IV - "MSVCR71.dll could not be found"

    • Company of Heroes Gold - Problem with validation, disc errors, etc

    • Crusader Kings - Correct installation folder

    • Darkstar One - "Insert DVD" message

    • Dead Reefs - "dead reefs.exe has stopped working" message

    • Deus Ex - asking for CD 2

    • Deus Ex - the game demands a CD?

    • Do you use SecuRom or any other protection on the games?

    • Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (Mac) DLC registration issue

    • Drakensang the Dark Eye - in German?

    • Europa Universalis 3: "In Nomine already installed" message

    • Europa Universalis 3: Napoleons Ambition and In Nomine

    • Europa Universalis III - Correct installation folder

    • Europa Universalis III expansions - what is the correct install procedure?

    • Europa Universalis Rome Vae Victis - "Unhandled exception in your application has occured. See details Jit" message

    • Far Cry - "fatal error 1275"

    • Fort Zombie - Unhandled exception-System.IO.FileNotFound

    • Fort Zombie Crash on start up.

    • Game play and technical errors

    • GamersGate expansion on an Impulse original.

    • Gamersgate is a download service

    • Gorasul The Legacy of the Dragon - "error 193"

    • Harbinger

    • Hearts of Iron - Correct installation folder

    • Hearts of Iron 2 Complete - ERROR: (scenario info: unexpected field)"UES - "LINE 9 FILE SCENARIOS/0_GLOBAL_WAR.EUG).

    • Hearts of Iron 3

    • Hearts of Iron 3

    • Hearts of Iron 3 Change language.

      Go the directory where the game is installed and open settings.txt. Close to the top there is a tag l_english. Change this to l_french or any other language and it should start in the language choosed.

    • How do I download my games?

    • How do I install my games?

    • How many times can I download and/or install my games?

    • I found a patch at the games official website and now the game is asking for a CD.

    • I have a problem in the game.

    • I’m having problem installing an expansion to my game.

    • If a game does not work

    • Iron Cross - excel file not found

    • Iron Cross - Runtime error (at 1:349)

    • Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire

    • Loki - patch problem

    • Loki - patch problem

    • Majesty - the screen turns black?

    • Majesty 2 - "Error 14001 - configuration files are corrupt"

    • Majesty: "Majesty has encountered a problem and needs to close."

    • Mass Effect - "Failed to write to disk, not enough disk space" error message 112

    • Mecho Wars - "missing openal32.dll" error

    • Medieval 2 Total War Gold Edition - There is no option to change the drive of installation. How do I do this?

    • Men of War - After installing the patch the game refuses to start, complaining of a missing .dll file

    • Patches

    • Precursor Win 7 64 bit

    • Red Faction 2

    • Resindent evil 5 - installation language problem?

    • Restaurant Empire 2 - "error opening file shader\shadowmi/cubemap+shadow.pso"

    • Runtime Error

    • Sacred 2 patches

    • Sacred 2 Problem with activating the Blood and Ice expansion.

    • Sango 2 - display problems

    • Semper Fi

    • Shattered Union Win 7 64 bit

    • Sid Meier"s Pirates! - "SMP has stopped working. A problem cused the program to stop working correctly" message

    • Silent Hunter 4 Wolves of the Pacific registration on Windows 7

    • Sims 3 Generations

    • Sniper Ghost Warrior - Invalid serial key

    • Space Rangers 2 "INSTALL" is greyed out.

    • Storm over the Pacific - serial disappearing when being entered

    • Sword of the Stars: A murder of Crows does not have any serial

    • Takeda 3 - The game won’t launch

    • The install "froze" while installing Victoria.

    • Transport Tycoon - an error stating that .gfx file was corrupted

    • UFO Afterlight - demands activation, but no serial is provided

    • Vampire Story - "main.exe has encountered a problem and needs to shut down." message

    • Warhammer 40k Dawn of War Platinum - not installed

    • Where are the bought games

    • Where can I find the Manual for my game?

    • Where can I find the Serial/Activation Key for my game?

    • Why do you want me to update my computers drivers. My computer is almost new! Hardly 3 years old!

    • World in Conflict: Soviet Assault - "Sorry, world in conflict not found, this installer will now quit" message

    • X3 Terran Conflict - Serial key is 4x4 instead of 5x5

  • Technical

    • "d3dx9_XX.dll Missing" message

    • "Failed to open file: Access denied. (Error 5)

    • "Failed to open file: The system cannot find the file specified. (Error 2)"

  • Official websites and forums

  • My GamersGate account

  • Support

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