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  • GamersGate?

    • Blue Coins

    • Can I download a game on one computer and install it on another one?

    • Can I download the game on my office PC and install it on my home PC which does not have an internet connection?

  • Payment / Transactions

    • 000050 Error when placing orders

    • Blue Coins

    • Can I pay by any other means than Credit Card?

  • Downloader

    • "Dfsvc.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close"

    • "Failed to open file: Access denied. (Error 5)

    • "HTTPSendRequest" message

  • Error-messages

  • Game Related

    • "d3dx9_XX.dll Missing" message

    • "Installation process aborted" message.

    • "Missing dll-file" message

  • Technical

    • "d3dx9_XX.dll Missing" message

    • "Failed to open file: Access denied. (Error 5)

    • "Failed to open file: The system cannot find the file specified. (Error 2)"

  • Mac

  • Gifts

    • How do I Receive my gift?

    • How do I send my gift?

      To gift a game, follow these steps:

      • Search or browse to find a product you would like to gift.

      • Click "Gift this game" on the product page.

      • Go to checkout and complete the order.

      • Once the payment is completed and you ended up on the confirmation page, you can fill in your friends name and email address, and finally send the gift card by clicking the "Send gift card by e-mail"-button.

      Once the gift card is sent, the recipient can use the link in the email to receive the gift.

      If you purchased a gift but did not send the gift card on the order details page, do as follows

      • 1) Login

      • 2) Go to My account on the left

      • 3) Go to Order History and look for the order in which the gift was purchased.

      NOTE: If you want to get the game for yourself, since you maybe made a mistake and wanted to buy it you can try sending it to your e-mail, then just use the link of the gift - then the game will be added to your account! If you need guidance, do contact support@gamersgate.com and you will be gladly assisted

  • Official websites and forums

  • My GamersGate account

  • Support

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