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Esto es un DLC. Requiere del juego base: Arms Race - TCWE

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If you want to experience more diplomacy in an Arms Race game, you may want to try United Nations DLC. This DLC provides a greatly improved diplomacy experience in the game and allows you to feel the SuperPower of words in United Nations. When your representative talks to the Security Council, they listen silently! Your words are backed by nuclear weapons, the strongest alliance and absolute influence in the world. They better listen!

United Nations DLC helps to spread global influence of your SuperPower, or decrease global influence of your foe. Also it helps you to stop any war globally, or vise versa, to initiate intervention.

United Nations DLC brings two new mechanics to the game - political prestige and the status of the Aggressor. The USSR or the USA become Aggressors when it starts a war in any country for any reason. As soon as a Soviet or American soldier steps on foreign land their country officially becomes the Aggressor.

Political prestige is required to submit resolutions. Each resolution has it's own amount of prestige points to be submitted. Political prestige points can be earned monthly and occasionally. Each SuperPower earns monthly points when - leading in global score ( has the strongest alliance in the world ), leading in global influence ( has the biggest influence on other countries ) and dominate the % in a nuclear arms race ( Armageddon DLC required ). One point monthly for each domination ( +3 monthly if the SuperPower leads in all three dominations).

Occasional prestige points are earned when an enemy spy or military unit is liquidated by your side anywhere globally or when any country joins your alliance. +1 for enemy spy and military liquidation and +20 for a new member of the alliance. Monthly and occasional prestige points counts can be seen in the left side of UN menu window.

When the necessary amount of political prestige is earned you can submit resolutions.

1- Condemn Aggression. This resolution helps you to decrease global influence of your foe by one. Your foe must have the status of Aggressor while in action. In another words, you can submit it if another SuperPower attacks the country currently in that war. When the war is over you can't submit this resolution for post action.

2- Peacekeeping. If you feel you can't support another country with your military to counter fight its enemies you can do it diplomatically! This resolution helps you finish any war on the globe. It changes support/opposition in the chosen country to 50/50 and your foe can't invade anymore. The rest of the enemy army in the country should be destroyed.

3- Intervention. This resolution can help you to intervene in any neutral country on the globe by avoiding the status of Aggressor, which is the easiest way to get the biggest slice without being punished by another SuperPower. Only countries with a higher influence level of your foe are selected for this action.

4- Great Speech in UN. This resolution helps you to obtain one global influence point just because your representative in the Security Council, says the right words and inspires other people by the glory of your SuperPower!

Requisitos de sistema

1.5 Ghz
512 MB RAM
128 MB
1 GB available space
Version 9.0