Planet Assault

  • Planet Assault
  • Planet Assault
  • Planet Assault
  • Planet Assault
  • Planet Assault

Sobre este juego

Skill, Strategy, Aim and Patience.

3 Game Modes!

9 different bombs will help you conquer any situation that you may come across.

Destroy the bases located throughout the universe.
From meteors small and large to asteroid belts, planetary shields Black holes and more...

  • 3 Unique Game Modes
  • Procedurally Generated Levels
  • Physics Based, Gravitational Pull
  • Black Holes
  • Journey – The Challenge Awaits!

Artillery Range: Practice with each of the 9 bomb types on procedurally generated levels.

Survival: Test your skills in Survival where every shot matters! In Survival each level is procedurally generated and they get harder as you advance. What level can you reach?

Journey: Travel through the universe, conquering all 200 unique levels. 8 Galaxies with 25 levels in each. Each Galaxy brings new obstacles and challenges! How will you adapt?

**NOTE** This game does not run in full screen...

Requisitos de sistema

Windows 7
50 MB available space
Version 11