RPG / Role playing games

Oh, PC RPG games. The father of all things nerdy. But god damn if we don’t enjoy reading The Argonian Maid and then carefully organising our inventory. For we are role-playing fans and this is what we do!

There have been so many incredible PC RPG’s over the years it’s pretty incredible. We are so lucky to live in the golden age of role-playing where it has never been easier and, with our help, cheaper, as we have all the best PC RPG games with discounts!

The Surge 2 - The Kraken Expansion
  • DLC
Warhammer Chaosbane Tomb Kings
  • DLC
Deep Sky Derelicts - Station Life
  • DLC
Ashen - Nightstorm Isle
  • DLC
R 702.03
Conan Exiles - Riders of Hyboria Pack
  • DLC
Darksiders Genesis
Everreach: Project Eden
SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays
R 150.00
Warhammer: Chaosbane Witch Hunter
  • DLC
Red Dead Redemption 2
Ghost Parade
R 219.00
The Surge 2 - Season Pass
  • DLC
Graveyard Keeper - Stranger Sins
  • DLC
Borderlands 2 VR
R 877.58
Space Robinson: Hardcore Roguelike Action
  • -70%
Dragon Star Varnir Deluxe Pack DLC
R 53.29
R 178.06
  • -70%
  • DLC
Dragon Star Varnir
R 160.24
R 712.77
  • -78%