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Looking for the best action games on the market? We got you covered!

Shoot your way out, climb over the obstacles, experience the world building but, most importantly, have some adrenaline-fueled fun in our fantastic selection of action games for PC.

With over 2,000 action titles in our library, you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for. From Wonfenstein 3D (yes, that one) to Monster Hunter, be you an old-school veteran looking to re-live some good old memories or a younger fan just having fun - you name it, we have it.

¥ 1166.00
Slipstream 5000
¥ 310.00
DOOM (1993)
¥ 498.00
Wolfenstein 3D
¥ 498.00
MegaRace 1
¥ 310.00