Haemimont Games

Haemimont Games

Haemimont Games is a team of approximately 50 talented game developers brought together by a common passion to create truly outstanding games. We design and create all aspects of our games, from concept to graphics and programming. Haemimont Games uses its own internally developed 3D graphics engines.


We strive for perfection in three key areas:

  •  A shared creative impulse that pushes the frontiers of imagination and game design;
  •  An outstanding production process featuring a streamlined asset pipeline, quick turnaround for new features and always up-to-date working game versions;
  •  Technology excellence incorporating the latest breakthroughs in game technology coupled with a rock solid, reusable code base and industry standard third-party tools.


Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, Haemimont Games is one of the country's premier employers with the ability to attract and retain the best talent in the region.


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