Team Meat

Team Meat

The Meaty Story

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Edmund McMillen

Long ago Edmund was a child, as said child Edmund would wander the fields in search of his father, always coming home fatherless. One day when Edmund was 7 he found his father living in a soda can under his front porch.

For months Edmund and his father would run through the fields in search of bottle caps and beer that his dad called "daddy fuel". Unsure of his fathers motives Edmund decided it was best to put him back in the soda can and move on without him, that was until he was informed that the man calling him self dad was an imposer who was actually a small dead stink bug.

This profound realization caused Edmund to become a alcoholic recluse hell bent on making a game called Super Meat Boy.

Tommy Refenes

Tommy is a programmer, probably the best programmer ever. He is the one and only programmer for Super Meat Boy. He travels the world searching for other programmers to kill and absorb their powers, but so far he's only killed the homeless people outside of the Taco Bell up the road. Also he likes orange.

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