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Steel Monkeys

Steel Monkeys is a cutting edge studio for game design and technology creation. We aim to become leaders in the development of high quality real-time video games, across present and emergent platforms. We currently create games for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2. 
Steel Monkey's aim is to inject our unique gameplay into our products and to develop the creative technologies used in our development process to create the most interesting and fun new games of the 21st century.
The company's name was taken from the Native American workers who built the first huge skyscrapers in the USA, all of which was done without the security of safety lines. The name symbolizes the company's aspiration to take whatever risks necessary to deliver the technologically advanced gameplay extremes demanded in today's computer and video game market.

From day one of the company's foundation, the strength and drive came from careful strategic planning. Many challenges have presented themselves over the years and, without exception, all have been used to enhance and strengthen the team's experience in game development.

Today, Steel Monkeys company is stronger than ever before. A determinative role in Steel Monkeys’ development belongs to its CEO – Ph.D. in Economics Timofey Dvoskin, having over 15 years of work experience in business management. 


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