Lesta Studio

Lesta Studio

Lesta Studio is a full service game development and video production company. It is one of the leading studios in the field of visual effects for film and video games in Russia.

The studio is located in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg. The splendid surroundings undoubtedly contribute to the special atmosphere of our studio, creativity and vision.

Lesta Studio was founded in 1991 and made its way to success by high quality and innovative approaches to providing digital graphics and multimedia solutions to meet the enhanced needs of our partners and friends. Growing and becoming more mature and original, we entered advertising and postproduction markets, successfully carrying out huge projects for film and TV postproduction and creating epic computer games.

Our team of over 60 talented and experienced artists, animators, game designers, managers, programmers, sound and video editors work on unique projects pushing liveliness and realism into games, films and other digital imagery.

Games development

Since 2003 Lesta studio has been cooperating with Buka Entertainment publishing company. For these years we have developed and launched with the assistance of our partners such games as 'The Entente WWI Battlefields', 'Pacific Storm', 'Pacific Storm: Allies', 'Aggression: Reign over Europe', '9th Company: Roots of Terror' and 'Cannon Strike'. Our games won some prizes in press and on exhibitions and were well-taken by both critics and gamers.

2007 was a year of rapid growth for our games development department, as we worked together with 'Noviy disk' and 'Playlogic Interactive' publishing companies. Same year we also established a new department that succeeded in casual games development and multimedia encyclopedias production.  Our latest casual game published is 'Insider Tales: The Secret of Casanova' that was in top10 at BigFishGames.

By the end of the year we are planning to launch our last game's sequel 'Cannon Strike 2: the Great War'. At the moment the Studio also has a number of yet unannounced projects currently in development.

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