Skin: ELEX
Skin: ELEX
Skin: ELEX is manned by a small, dedicated group of designers, programmers, and artists. This arrangement assures the needs of can be satisfied while avoiding the burden of high overhead (salaries). The end result gives gamers a leaner, more efficient, and more responsive provider of wargaming products!

Battlefront's founders have been around as active Developers since the mid 1990s, watching with growing nervousness the rise of Mass Market thinking within the Industry. For years there was no alternative to this institution since shelf space was the only way to get games into the hands of gamers. Things got much worse before there was even a hope of it getting better.

Then one day BBS services targeted towards the average computer user began to spring up, and soon after more sophisticated online services (AOL, Compuserve, etc.) appeared. All of this held promise, yet it could not offer a true alternative to the Industry. However, over time the various segmented services matured and formed a viable medium for software distribution; The World Wide Web. We began to see that another option was becoming available to Developers like us.

In the Winter of 1997/98 was formed in principle. At first it was a "Plan B", a Life Boat, in case the Industry totally turned a blind eye towards our type of games. Within a few months it became apparent that "Plan B" was no longer the more risky and less viable choice for us. The Industry was turning to the Mass Market faster than we could have imagined. The only thing faster than the Speed of Sound is the Speed of Greed.

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