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Arcen Games

We are a tiny company (and proud of it!), and it is our mission to deliver an unparalleled experience with our games. We love feedback, and while we can't do everything, we've already implemented l(literally) thousands of features, tweaks, fixes, and balance improvements based on player suggestions. We play all of our own games, so we tend to continue to grow them after release for our own entertainment as much as anyone else's.

Our first released game, AI War, is a cooperative space-based RTS game, but we had no intention of staying in that genre alone. Our second title was a block-based puzzle game with hardcore depth and casual appeal, and our third game is a massive procedural adventure game.  AI War has already had three expansion packs and dozens of massive free DLC patches (including an entire game engine upgrade and porting to MacOSX), but we have even more planned for that game despite our focus on other genres in our new titles.

Our staff is into gaming in general -- the modern and the classic, the strategic and the arcade-style -- but the common theme throughout our work is going to be that it is all in 2D, and it will always have some form of cooperative play in addition to single player (and sometimes competitive multiplayer). 2D is where we feel like we can make the largest contribution to the industry, as it lets us explore some territory in terms of scope and scale that simply wouldn't be possible in a 3D game. When it comes to cooperative play, well, that's just something we intensely believe in.

Beyond the above, we're known for our customer-friendly business practices (including our anti-DRM stance), our commitment to substance over form, and our fanatical devotion to support and ongoing quality.

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