Cobra Mobile Limited

Cobra Mobile Limited

Cobra Mobile is a premier developer and publisher of digitally delivered games content for iOS, Apple Mac, Mobile, PSP, PC.

Cobra Mobile has created an amazing series of original hit games including, iBomber, Numba, iBomber Defense, Low Grav Racer, Mouse About and Storm in a Teacup to name a few, and has also received two BAFTA nominations for it's work in games.

Cobra Mobile has a long and proven track record of working seamlessly with worldwide partners and multi-tier brands.

Cobra Mobile has a highly experienced and capable development team - with all our senior staff having several years experience in developing games and entertainment content. They have all worked at the leading edge of the ever-changing and fast-evolving games industry and consistently deliver high quality products and proven results.

Cobra Mobile's solid in-house development environment, tools and technology have all been custom-built to allow for rapid game development onto all our core platforms and beyond. Heavy R&D investment in our own technology and bespoke tools allows Cobra to fully exploit current and future games platforms both quickly and efficiently.

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