Digital Reality Software

Digital Reality Software

DIGITAL REALITY is the oldest and one of the most well known Hungarian game development companies. The founding core of the team started to work together under the name of AMNESTY DESIGN in the early 90s and their first game, REUNION was released to the Commodore Amiga and IBM PC in 1994.

Later the company name was changed to DIGITAL REALITY and the work began on the acclaimed and award winning IMPERIUM GALACTICA series. In the following years games like HAEGEMONIA - LEGIONS OF IRON, PLATOON and DESERT RATS VS. AFRIKA KORPS were produced, which achieved multiple 90% review ratings throughout the globe.

During the last few years the company has had a constant and steady growth in the number of employees, the number and the size of the projects. We base our work on the experience of the original team and add new, developing fields of interest by constantly recruiting talented individuals.

DIGITAL REALITY have delivered quality products within the limitations of the original budgets, almost always by the original timetable. We have had and continue to have successful working relationships with significant publishers of the game industry like ACTIVISION or ATARI. We are also constantly on the look out for new and exciting collaborative partnerships.

Having a professional approach is not only an aim for us, but a base for every decision and procedure. We utilize well proven, sophisticated software tools, constantly enhance them and develop brand new ones as the need arises. We have the knowledge and means to build up each individual aspect (programming, 3D engine, graphics, animation, music, etc.) of a title to the best level of quality, while we also have experience in the use of licensed material.

Digital Reality is the game service company that combines original gameplay and creative freedom from studios with a long term online relationship with customers. Our mission is to conquer all the segments of the digital entertainment industry; this is why our developments are available to browser and to mobile platforms too. We are lucky that we get paid for basically doing our hobbies. We want to continue using this energy and commitment in the future to create popular products that people will really like.

Digital Reality is a member of Docler Holding.

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