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Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Drachenfels

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Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Drachenfels

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“No man has entered Castle Drachenfels for 20 years, but as you should know by now, the vermin are no men.”

Explore 3 NEW stunning adventure maps in this DLC for Vermintide, where you travel outside of Ubersreik’s walls to the Grey Mountains. Fight your way through the halls and chambers of Castle Drachenfels, adorned with the bones of victims long gone. Make your way through The Dungeons, sections of which are so dark, a torch is required to illuminate the trap riddled passages. Quell the Skaven reinforcement efforts by destroying the ancient portals on Summoner’s Peak.

While completing Drachenfels maps, you will have a chance to acquire two new rare weapons. With the semi-automatic Volley Crossbow for the Witch Hunter, you will be able to slaughter groups of Skaven at a time, while the lethal blade of the Waywatcher's Glaive can slice through any rat-men.

The Skaven are on the move, beady eyes set on the dreaded abandoned castle of Drachenfels. In this DLC for Vermintide, it’s up to our heroes to once again stop the Skaven army from fulfilling their vile agenda.

Key Features:

  • New Map: Castle Drachenfels - Walk through the ancient rooms of Castle Drachenfels, covered in the blood and bones of the past.
  • New Map: The Dungeons - Stumble your way through the dark and dingy dungeon of Drachenfels.
  • New Map: Summoner’s Peak - Foil the Skaven’s plan by destroying the ancient portals and put a halt to the Skaven reinforcements.
  • New Weapon: Glaive - A vicious two-handed weapon for Kerillian, the Wood Elf Waywatcher. This weapon can only drop on levels included in the Drachenfels DLC.
  • New Weapon: Volley Crossbow - A semi-automatic Crossbow which can fire 15 bolts before requiring a reload. For Victor Saltzpyre, the Witch Hunter. This weapon can only drop on levels included in the Drachenfels DLC.
  • New Mechanic: Darkness - If you want to survive, a torch will be your stoutest ally.
  • New Feature: Deadly Traps - Watch your step.
  • 3 New Achievements - How well will you fare on this new adventure?

System Requirements

  • This product requires Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide to play.
  • Note: This product requires a third-party download and account


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