Skin: ELEX
Skin: ELEX
Skin: ELEX

Warframe: Stealth Drift Pinnacle Pack

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Blood and Gore



Warframe: Stealth Drift Pinnacle Pack

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BONUS: Receive the exclusive Excalibur Onyx Skin for free! (Limit one per account.) The Excalibur Onyx Skin is only available with the purchase of a Pinnacle Pack.

1,500 Platinum to use towards new Warframes, Weapons, Equipment and more
150,000 Credits to assist in making new upgrades to your Arsenal
20 Random Mod Cards to instantly upgrade your Arsenal
10 Rare Mod Cards to add hard-to-find modifications to your Inventory
Stealth Drift Mod a rare dual-stat mod that increases enemy detection on the minimap and Aim Glide and Wall Latch time.
Armored Agility Mod to increase the Sprint Speed and Armor of your Warframe
Vigor Mod to increase both Shield Capacity and Health attributes of a Warframe by a percentage of their base values
Piercing Step Mod to increase the speed of Bullet Jump, lengthen the duration of Aim Glide and Wall Latch, and add Puncture damage to Bullet Jump
3 Exilus Adapters to instantly unlock an Exilus Mod Slot for Mobility and Utility advancements
3-Day Resource and Drop Chance Booster to double the chance and amount of pickups
3-Day Affinity and Credit Booster to quickly level up your Arsenal

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System Requirements

    This content requires the base game Warframe on Steam in order to play.
  • Note: This product requires a third-party download and account