Wolfenstein Cyberpilot (skin)
Wolfenstein Cyberpilot (skin)
Wolfenstein Cyberpilot (skin)

Painkiller Hell & Damnation Operation Zombie Bunker DLC

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Painkiller Hell & Damnation Operation Zombie Bunker DLC

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As the title suggests, Daniel is being pulled into a world which he straight up despises from the bottom of his heart. This time, the demonic forces of evil throw him into a military world of chaos and insanity. American, Russian, German military forces from different eras, they all blend together in one gigantic army-themed nightmare…

Explore the Bunker, Stalingrad (formerly known as Leningrad), and the Military Base to the fullest. Two WW2-themed maps and one modern American military base, who throw everything they got at poor Daniel. From Area 51 with a boss fight against a UFO, over to the Cold War, Daniel’s covered with enough stuff to keep him busy for countless hours of gameplay.

Daniel is pulled into a world more despicable than you can imagine. The evil demonic forces throw him into a chaotic and insane military world. American, Russian, German military forces of different eras all blend together to form one gigantic army-themed nightmare…

Key Features:

  • New map: The Bunker (a dark air raid shelter complex in the 1940s) including a new boss-fight against one nasty red-coloured skull
  • Reworked map: In Stalingrad (former “Leningrad”), it is on! Inbound airstrikes, airplanes, and Zeppelins firebombs our hero, and even deploy Zombie Soldiers from above!
  • Area 51 and Cold War will hit you hard in the reworked map “Military Base” – Space Commandos, UFO boss fight, nuclear missiles
  • Two new rocket launchers
  • One new Multiplayer map: Fragenstein, playable in various Multiplayer modes
  • New enemies: Russian, American, and German Zombie Soldiers as well as their tanks!
  • New melee weapon: The “Morgenstern” - Smite your enemies with its spiky ball at short distances, or deploy sticky mines to battle from afar.
  • New Silver Tarot card: Armor Regeneration (recharging your collected armor)

System Requirements

  • Note: This product requires a third-party download and account


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