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Mad Riders™ – Daredevil Map Pack

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Mad Riders™ – Daredevil Map Pack

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The Mad Riders™ are back for more action… in Africa! Compete in two exclusive championships across Zambia, unlock all-new vehicles, and defy your friends online across 10 exotic races!

Every track featured in the Daredevil Map Pack is playable in both single-player and multiplayer.

This DLC contains:

  • Two events (one event is a pack of races with different rules) based on one main new environment (Zambia) + 4 others (already present in full game), each one with five races: “High Stakes” event  1 and “Balance of forces” event 2
  • 2 off-road elite races
  • All these tracks are available in Single-Player mode, Platinum Tracks (extension of Tournament mode)

1.    Event 1 “High Stakes”

Event 1 race 1 – “Race” - Victoria Falls (Zambia)
Event 1 race 2 – “Race the clock” - Mekong River
Event 1 race 3 – “Stunt race” - Victoria Falls (Zambia)
Event 1 race 4 – “Race” - Tropic
Event 1 race 5 – “Ghost challenge” - Victoria Falls (Zambia)

2.    Event 2 “Balance of forces”

Event 2 race 1 – “Race” - Victoria Falls (Zambia)
Event 2 race 2 – “Race the clock” - Yellow Mountains
Event 2 race 3 – “Stunt race” - Victoria Falls (Zambia)
Event 2 race 4 – “Race” - Pacific Islands
Event 2 race 5 – “Ghost challenge” - Victoria Falls (Zambia)

3.    Additional content

Off-road elite race 1 - “Race the clock” – reward: ELDER DRAGON (ATV)
Off-road elite race 2 - “Ghost challenge” – reward: CROUCHING TIGER (BUGGY)

For completing the DLC player are rewarded with a new driver suit (driver suits do not have names in the game).

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System Requirements

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