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Restricted Area

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Restricted Area

Rating: 3.5 (170 votes cast)

Restricted Area is an action-packed cyber-punk RPG set in the year 2083.
As an outlaw for hire, you’ll be sent into dangerous restricted areas set in a dark and fascinating future world.

Restricted Area is an incredible combination of action gaming and deep role-playing. Four very different people meet as they're trying to change their lives. Choose one of these four to play -- and enter their dystopian world for a complex, twisting story that involves a dark secret and a very large corporation. The advanced AI uses group tactics to react to your character's visible strength, the weapon in their hands and more -- you'll have to think to survive Cooperative Multiplayer mode

  • A complex role-playing system: each character has access to both a standard and unique skills set, dependent upon which character is selected. 75 skills with 10 levels (750 skill levels in all)
  • All characters have access to a vast array of combat weapons, and can also boost their abilities with selected Cyberware and Bioware upgrades as the game progresses
  • Dynamic dialogues between the character and NPCs adapt to the situation and to the player's actions and responses.
  • A dark and fascinating future world similar to the worlds in The Matrix and Bladerunner
  • NPCs and characters develop relationships over the course of the game which continues to change based on the players
  • Advanced combat system for fast-paced action. Switch between weapons during combatwithout entering your inventory. The environment affects combat: (light, shadow distance, height level, weather and movement will affect your chances of hitting the target)
  • Play as one of four unique characters, each with different and specialized skills
    responses and actions
  • Unlimited computer generated sub-quests and levels make playing each game a unique experience
  • Cooperative Multiplayer mode allows 2 players to team up and play together

System Requirements

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Pentium III 800 Mhz
  • 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
  • DirectX™ 8 compatible sound card
  • DirectX™ 8 compatible 3D accelerator with 32 MB VRAM (64 MB recommended)