Reel Deal Casino High Roller (Mac)

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Reel Deal Casino High Roller (Mac)

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Casino action has never been more realistic than in Reel Deal Casino “High Roller.”

With Reel Deal Casino “High Roller,” the world’s largest variety of games has never been more exciting and realistic. America’s favorite casino game changes things up again this year with an all-new Prize Vault system. Experience the exhilarating and high-paced action of the new “Grand Master” tournament path, sending you on a wild, guided tournament path that will take you from rags to High Roller riches! This year also introduces the hottest new casino game, “Craps – Roulette” - combining the action of two popular casino games into one. All new, never before seen slots round out “High Roller” to make it our best, most action packed casino game ever!

PhantomVP's continually growing on-line subscriber community offers new, monthly-added free slots, tournaments, and building suites all year. You can explore the possibilities of on-line only adventures such as “The Trials of Alliance and Defiance” and the “Evolution of Horizons”. This year, “Mystic Forest” and “High Roller” bring new excitement and adventures for on-line players to enjoy and explore.

For those of you that want the game to offer more – oh boy – you got it! The slot game, and casino game this year, integrate together to form a more physical casino. One that looks, and feels like a casino. If you have the “Mystic Forest”, or “High Roller”, or both, you will have the option to pay a small subscription charge each month to unlock incredible features. For instance, if you are a member (subscriber), you will receive the following – New Download slots, a complete leveling system (your character grows in experience), an interactive and modifiable suite in which you populate with your prizes, interactive ‘suite’ games, fully functioning multiplayer world (yup, that’s right, set up a tournament with your friends – perhaps in your own suite!), bragging rights and stats posted to the web, the list goes on and on!

In the scope of our game, you could do this . . . . . Meet a person in a slot tournament or blackjack tournament, give them your room key so they can check out your suite, invite them up to play a video game on your big screen T.V. (that you just purchased in the mall) against you, while your casino host cheers you on. Hard to imagine? Well, prepare to be amazed – its all coming.

“Mystic Forest” and “High Roller” piece together allowing you to roam from Hotel, to Casino, to Slot areas, to Download areas, to a Mall to make you feel like you are in a massive casino. As you level, you gain access to more great things, and opportunities. Even gaming ‘Quests’ will be available to make the experience more real and allow you to gain ‘recognition’ among your piers.

  • RANKINGS – This year we introduce player-rankings for every game (each table game and slots). Climb the rankings to become top-ranked on different games and get invited to extreme high-dollar “Invitational” tournaments to become top-ranked and get yourself a “Belt” to drape over your player-box, showing everyone, you are the boss!
  • GUILDS – Players have the ability to start and join player-guilds this year. Enjoy the ability to challenge other guilds in Guild Vs. Guild tournaments as well as battle it out for special Guild-Wide rewards for out-performing other guilds each week!
  • SPECIAL Tournaments – Enjoy a new batch of tournament types such as “Invitational”, “King of the Hill”, “Guild Vs. Guild”, “24-hour Log-In” and “Winning Spins”.
  • In-Suite TABLES – This year, win the ability to purchase and place table-games in your expanded suites as well as slots. As the year goes on, you will be able to host your own tournaments, in your own suites, and get a bonus of everyone’s experience!
  • New MALL Items – There is a plethora of new mall items and suites allowing you to further customize and specialize your own suites.
  • QUEST Generator – Enjoy new quests every time you play, making simply playing a slot even more exciting! As you climb the Quest path, enjoy more difficult challenges, offering fantastic awards that can do everything from increase your winnings to call special table game and slot powers!
  • “Looking for Party” – You will no doubt enjoy this years new “Looking for Party” ability allowing you to quickly find others looking to do similar things that you want to do!

System Requirements

  • OS X 10.68 or higher
  • Intel CPU
  • 1Gb RAM
  • Ati Radeon X1600/X1900, NVidia GeForce 7300/7600, Intel GMA 950 or better
  • Internet connection to register
  • Note: This product requires a third-party download and account