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National Rugby Manager

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National Rugby Manager

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The worlds best rugby Management game for the TOP 14 and Pro D2. This is a must have for any dedicated Rugby Union fan.

*Fully licensed Top 14 and Pro D2 Leagues*
With the best rugby teams and players in the French Leagues at your fingertips, National Rugby Manager gives you the chance to lead your team to glory and conquer French rugby.

*Match Engine*
National Rugby Manager utilises advanced artificial intelligence to bring to life the most realistic match engine ever seen in a rugby manager.

*In-Depth Facility Upgrade system*
Carefully plan upgrades to facilities like your Stadium and Training, to support your rise to the top of the League and cement your status as a French power house. Upgrading at the wrong time could spell disaster for your club.

*Squad and Strategy Customisation*
Create your own unique squads and strategies for the gruelling season ahead. Will you choose a forward based attack or a more attacking style of play. The choice is yours to make!

*Customisation of both Teams and Leagues*
Endless customisation of your squad, facilities, kits and initial funds lets you build your own unique team and stand out from the crowd.

*Roster Sharing*
Upload to our global database, so the whole National Rugby Manager community can play with your custom setup!

*In-Depth Training routines and matches*
Tailor individual training routines to boost the player’s abilities and watch them rise to superstar status.

*Full 360 degree match viewing*
Our state of the art match engine gives you unprecedented viewing control with full 360 degree camera rotation, as well as zoom and tilt control.

*Action replays*
Re-watch the best tries and bone crunching tackles through the action replays at the end of each match.

*2D or 3D match*
Choose to watch the match unfold in either a 3D or 2D simulated match.

*Live Interaction*
The live interaction feature allows you to take full control of your team’s strategy on the fly by making crucial decisions from rucks, kick-offs, set pieces and penalties. If you prefer you can also simply leave live interaction on its various automatic settings which will result in the team making the key decisions themselves based on your predefined strategic preferences.

© 2017 Alternative Software Ltd. © 2017 Biological Systems Modeling Ltd. Published by Alternative Software Ltd. The Alternative Software name and logo are trademarks of Alternative Software Ltd. The Biological Systems Modeling Ltd logo and name are trademarks of Biological Systems Modeling Ltd. The National Rugby Manager name and logos are trademarks of Alternative Software Ltd and Biological Systems Modeling Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The TOP 14 and PRO D2 logos and the names, logos and club jerseys of the TOP 14 and PRO D2 are protected trademarks of the Ligue Nationale de Rugby.

  • Platforms: PC
  • Categories: Action, Casual, Strategy, Sport, Life Simulation
  • Publisher: Alternative Software
  • Developer: Alternative Software Ltd
    Biological Systems Modeling
  • Release: 16th Feb 2018 07:41 (UTC+02:00)
  • DRM: Steamworks (Requires a third-party download and account)
  • Languages: English

System Requirements

  • Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows Vista
  • Processor: Intel Core 1.8Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compliant
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Note: This product requires a third-party download and account


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